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Middle East Consultant was established in 2005 and provides engineering consultancy services to a wide range of clients throughout UAE and India. During this period company has been recognised for its ability to execute complex projects. MEC lives to give forth Designs, Sketches & consultation that help you to reduce uncertainty and enhance profitability. Information becomes your best strategy in an industry where risk is simply part of the game. We are ready with detailed information of technical and economic in civil and mechanical fields, countries and regions resulting in proper assessments about operation and economic matters around the world. Our ultimatum is best to our valuable clients. The code of fundamental values, professional excellence and integrity, defines core operating and individual conduct principles underpins the Group’s employees day-by-day working relationships. The skill set and fundamental understanding of all aspects regarding project development allows us to offer innovative services and solution our clients, meeting their project and business objectives. We pride ourselves on offering a strong commitment to excellence in project delivery- in schedule within the budget. MEC offers a wide range of services to clients from Architecture Designs, Interior & Exterior Design, Furniture furnishings and Equipment Designs, Project development study/Quantity Surveying to Business Process Outsourcing. We would like to Thank you for sharing time to understand about our operations, as we look forward you to be contributor in achieving our of infinite progress as your dreams are full filled in a majestic way.


Saver Glass appoints MEC as its key consultant for its Ras Al Khaimah project.

JK cement appoints MEC as its key consultant for its Fujairah project.

Hitachi awarded its new sewage project to MEC.

MEC quoted for township project in India.



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