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A Style, or Theme, is a consistent idea used throughout the project to create a feeling of completeness. Styles will be a passion with designs concepts, the higher-level party, which involve a deeper understanding of the architectural context, the socio-cultural and the programmatic requirements of the client. Our designers develop architecture and interior design for the customer that has style and theme as prospective owner visualizes and mentally get attached.

MEC understands that every project is ultimately about sensing, evaluating, validating and translating a Client’s vision in to reality. MEC’s expertise and experience will suggest whether to draw up and steer the completion of an entire plan, or to fill a segment need, or simply enhance that plan.


Saver Glass appoints MEC as its key consultant for its Ras Al Khaimah project.

JK cement appoints MEC as its key consultant for its Fujairah project.

Hitachi awarded its new sewage project to MEC.

MEC quoted for township project in India.



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