Cemento Engineering Contracting Co. LLC

Building contracting company and metal work


Manufactures of scaffolding, fiber glasses products with specialization in metal works like bar bending, fabrication etc.

Gulfmax International LLC

Non-ferrous metal casting company.

Anvem FZ-LLC

Manufacturers for cable trays, cross arms & accessories, building metal products.

Manser Saxon Interior LLC

Interior decoration specialists in carpentry, flooring, partitions and false ceiling works.

Al Futtaim Auto & Machinery Co.

Stock yard of heavy equipments and heavy vehicles servicing, maintenance and repairs.

Euro Facade

Manufacturers of building metal products, glass and metal coating.

Powerbar Gulf LLC

Bus bar manufacturing factory with fully automated office and factory.

Arkay Mechanique & Steel LLC

Manufacturers of steel structures, Tanks and Fabrications.


Steel structure solution makers and manufactures.

GK Wires Industries LLC

Manufacturers of tube, pipe and cast iron.

Jaleel Traders

Warehouse Stocks

Eastern Condiments

Manufacturers of organic food, herbs and spices with packaging.

Fusion Interior LLC

Manufacturers of Interior decoration materials. Building of boundary walls, Labour accommodations alone with exclusive automated offices.

Modern Graphic Printing Press

Print press unit with hi-tech printing machines.


Manufacturers of block and other cement products.

Kelly Steel Engineering

Manufacturers of steel structures, Steel hangers & shed and pressure vessels.


Composed manufacturing of basic chemicals.

Ellin Insulation

Manufacturing of Insulation materials.

PK Marina FZ

Manufactures of precast slabs & blocks.


Manufacturers of metal products, Steel Fabrication, Lathe workshop and installation of fire door.

Westco International FZO

Unit of Tea blending, Coffee roasting & packing.


Full fledged office with water treatment plant.

Watts and Sinclair Pretorium Solutions

Manufacturing Petroleum products.

V-Tech Industries

Manufacturers of Steel Structure, steel hanger, sheds and metal products.

Classic Marbles factory LLC

Manufacturers of cement products, marble polishing and cutting.

Emiramax Industires LLC

Block manufacturers of solid and hollow blocks.

AALA Metal Products factory LLC

Specialized in all kind of metal production.

Sahara Contracting LLC

Yard for stocking building and contracting materials.

Oudh Al Anfar Trading LLC

Perfume Manufacturing Company.

Gold Crest View

Residential building having 40 floors with prestigious design on exterior with fully steel cladding.

Sharaf Finetech Cylinders FZ-LLC

Cylinder manufacturing factory (CNG gas) using Korean technology. They are having accommodations and offices in their premises.

Future Architectural Glass

Manufactures of safety glass and other types of glasses-reflective enamelled and insolent.

CRIL Pre-Finish Metals

Manufacturers of profiles, Scaffolding and sheets etc.

Innovida Middle East

Manufactures of Innovida structures.


Saver Glass appoints MEC as its key consultant for its Ras Al Khaimah project.

JK cement appoints MEC as its key consultant for its Fujairah project.

Hitachi awarded its new sewage project to MEC.

MEC quoted for township project in India.



Master Planning Project Management Architecture Interiors & Exteriors Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing Fire Engineering dd

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